ashalayhay asked:
Yo Jonnyy!!! I've been thinking about you lately. I hope you're happy and doing well! :)

he says he misses you guys

morgankaras asked:
I keep coming on here hoping that Jonny's back and he never is. what the fuck i miss you man.

herfigure asked:
don't know if you'll see this, but i remember your birthday was a day after mine so bonne fête, Jonny! hope things are shaping up <3

nicocane asked:
So I literally just went looking through all of my followers trying to find jonny and searched my following list when I couldn't find him. I wanted to stalk and rape his blog, only to find he deleted. :(( miss you jonny.

doodoochanel asked:
:o you deleted your how to eat pussy post

he deleted his whole blog but I reblogged it it’s on there

babyz-n-boyz-deactivated2013042 asked:
I'm watching Crash and it's making me think of you and our movie nights! I hope you're doing good and loving life (: We all miss you Jonny and only want the best for you. But i'm still pissed at you for deleting all of your playlists on here.

Oh man those playlists

This is jizz¬†btw he gave me permission to kinda take control/hoard this url while he’s gone and don’t worry I make sure he reads all these ‘cause I publish them all

I did fucking tell him not to delete but the arse did it anyway

syclbo asked:
I basically consider you a best friend. I miss you like crazy. I'll miss you jonny. me and megan. fuck. I'm drunk. Idk. I love you. bye.

sandy436 asked:
Aww I will miss you. <3 After all you were the one that convinced me into making a tumblr. :) Good Luck with everything!!!

kalinikta asked:
We haven't talked in a while but I'm sad to see you go, you helped me out a lot. Hope everything goes well for you. -K

safeeandsoundd asked:
We haven't known each other long. I don't think I even said hi or anything so I'm doing it now! Hi, good bye. I hope you figure things out for yourself and I wish you the best of luck. You will be missed <3